Cannot find server or DNS error

Cannot find server or DNS error

Post by Stephen J. Shephar » Sun, 12 Aug 2001 09:57:37

I have a NLB cluster (both active, distributing weight equally, client
affinity on port 443) that's behaving oddly. I recently installed SP2 and
various security patches (including Code Red fix).
Anyway, the problem is that I get the 'cannot find server or DNS error'
error message inconsistently. Sometimes it the content loads fine, other
times I get the error. Doing a tracert, I've found that at times it will
timeout for about 3 hops right after the router in the data center, but just
before it hits the IP for the NLB cluster.
The NLB cluster is made up of two boxes, both with two nics. The
shared/public/cluster NICs are on their own subnet and are sharing one IP,
the private nics on each box are on the same subnet as the rest of the
servers in data center.
PCAnywhere tends to drop its connection to one of the nodes pretty
consistently after about 7-10 minutes.
When in one of the 'black holes' (site not responding and getting above
error), ping attempts to private node nic may time out, but not
Any ideas on what this might be or how I might go about troubleshooting it?
Thanks much,
Stephen J. Shephard

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Strange problem here.  I set up the first AD server, with DNS using dcpromo,
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AD1, the first domain controller, points to itself and another BIND DNS
I set up the second DC (AD2) pointed the DNS to AD1 first, then to itself.
All of the service record entries seem to have been created, but a client
cannot find a domain controller when attempting to join the domain.

The service record entries show both ad1 and ad2 as domain controllers, and
the A records exist as well.  Both machines can be pinged without any
problems.  I even shut down AD2, and still cannot join the domain.

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