Restricting users access to drive volumes

Restricting users access to drive volumes

Post by Edward Washingto » Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Is there anyway that users can be prevented from accessing none NTFS
volumes. What I want to do is create some accounts for the sole purpose of
using them via the built in telnet server. However, due to the insecurity of
telnet, I'd like to be able to prevent these users from accessing the fat
volumes, and then just assign them access to the relevant directories on the
NTFS volumes.




1. restrict user access to local drive

Anyone knows the best practises to prevent users from saving files to
local drives? Hide Drives option in group policy doesn't work for me,
since some other programs can still access local drives.

some work could be done through ntfs permissions, but what can i do
with user profile... Yes, i can place it on the network, but it's
still stored on the local drive... So a user must have at least one
directory with permissions on modification.

Probably disk quota on user profile? Then I need to clean temp files
on regular basis automatically...

Thank you.

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