Phantom Hard Drive!!!!!

Phantom Hard Drive!!!!!

Post by Stan Ka » Thu, 15 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I have just set up a Win 98(FAT32)/W2K(NTFS) dual boot system and found that
both operating systems report a  "Phantom Hard Drive".  Neither system will
provide any information about the drive (other than it is zero byte FAT) nor
can I find a way of eliminating it - even if I log onto W2K as
administrator.  I have tried using Partition Magic just in case one of my
real hard drives had an unformatted partition but found nothing.

Can anyone help?




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My computer is a Sony Vaio PCG-F540 laptop with a 6 GB drive (probably
an IBM Travelstar) with two partitions of 4 (C:) and 2 GB running
Windows 2000.

After some regular activity I let the C: drive run down to a point
where My Computer I had about 20 MB of hard drive space left.  I
headed to Disk Cleanup and found a total of 4 MB that can be deleted,
mostly Temporary Internet Files.  After cleaning up (and maybe some
more activity), I discovered 700 MB of "newly available" space on C:
according to My Computer.

I have also discovered this behavior on my desktop (an AMD 750 MHz
machine) running Windows Me.  There are also two partitions, but the
second one only exists to house the essential recovery files (and is
only 50 MB in size).  The whole drive?  That's 30 GB, and yes, the
main partition is about 30 GB.  I also let things run down to the
point where hardly any space existed.  This time I'm not sure what I
did, but I remember the end result: 5 GB of hard drive space showing
up on My Computer for C:

Any thoughts?  They're very pleasant surprises, but surprises just the

Thanks for reading.

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