Modem Pop Up Window

Modem Pop Up Window

Post by I. M » Mon, 08 Oct 2001 06:22:30


I am rather new at using Windows 2000. I do not have it on my machine but am
trying to help someone out.

They have a PC Chips main board M758+ ,  This board used a HSP56 Micro
Modem.  When logging on as a super user or as a administrator everything is
normal.  however if a restricted user logs on, they will get a pop up window
asking what country they are in.  The settings are just fine already
correct.  All they have to do is click ok or close the box to get rid of the
window.  What I would like to know, is there a registry setting or other
setting I can change so that this window will not pop up for the restricted
users anymore?



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I admit it: I've visited adult sites. And now, every time I'm browsing
the web, I get forwarded to adult sites when I encounter certain
keywords. For example, would happen if I were to I go to CNN and click
on "Israel to investigate Palestinian teen's death" because there's a
word "teen" in the page.

This is terrible and caused me great embarrassment at work during a
presentation. (Am I hearing you laughing?)

Number 1: How do I end this?
Number 2: What technology is being used? Doesn't look like javascript!
Where's that Trojan horse sitting?

Help me!


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