Remote installation without network access

Remote installation without network access

Post by Brian Babcoc » Fri, 15 Sep 2000 04:00:00

We will be deploying windows 2000 on aprox. 1500 laptops for use in the field.
The user's work from home and will not have access to our network. We will be
locking down the laptops so they can't install any software. When we send them
updates for their applications we mail them a CD. How can we allow the install to
take place without giving them the Administrator password or rights to install
with their local user account. Is their a script file we can add to the front of
the installation package that will allow the installation to take place? Is their
some sort of key that can be added to the registry that will allow installation's
only by us.
Any information or Web site address that address this issue would be appreciated
thank you.


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