Keyboard not recognised by Windows 2000 Pro

Keyboard not recognised by Windows 2000 Pro

Post by Lars Meineck » Thu, 21 Dec 2000 00:45:55


I'm using an ATX-PC with a Celeron400 and an Asus Mainboard - so far
with a Win98-System.

I partitioned and formatted the harddisk und tried to install W2k via

This is what happened next:
The bootprocess worked fine, up to the point where you're welcomed to
Windows 2000 Setup. At that stage one should press ENTER to install
Win2k. BUT when I pressed ENTER nothing happened.

The whole keyboard was simply not recognised.

It worked fine with Win98 and within the BIOS.

It's an DIN-Keyboard with a PS/2 adapter. But this should not give cause
for concern, cause I use the same configuration on another PC where the
keyboard works fine.

After all I managed to install Win2k WITHOUT any keyboard-keys to be
pressed from a Win98-Installation, which I again installed.

Now I have a "functioning" win2k-installation but the system won't
accept ANY keyboard-keys pressed.

Does anyone have an idea what to do about that problem??

I already changed the keyboard and tried another one - but that also had
no effect!


Lars Meinecke


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