Windows Explorer not showing graphic icons

Windows Explorer not showing graphic icons

Post by Geof » Sun, 27 May 2001 09:59:54

In windows explorer, icons for graphic files like JPG or any other known types,
no longer appear as minatures of the files. In thumnail view they are shown, but
only of course one at a time.
Is there an option or setting somewhere that I've mistakenly turned off?? Being
able to view all the images at once saves so much time!

Any help appreciated



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We can not view the TASK Scheduler from a windows 2000
machine from windows explorer.  \\IPADDRESS    The shares
come up from that IP address and so does the printer, but
I can not get the Task Schedule ICON to be shown.  In NT
4.0 we had not problems with this.  

Services are under system account
TASK Scheduler is under another account..
When trying to view \\IPADDRESS we attach with the TASK
SCHEDULER ACCOUNT that is allowed to submit AT jobs...

Any Ideas?

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