W2K "file search" much slower than W98!!??

W2K "file search" much slower than W98!!??

Post by Lukasx » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 00:48:41

if i search with the search option included in W2k, i get the results very
much slower than if get as i used W98??

whats the problem??
is it possible to change it, maybe only a registry key??


1. W2K & ME "Search" vs W9X and NT "Find"

I like the Find capability in Win 9X.  It provides a drop down list that
remembers the last 10 or so files that I looked for.  I often look for the
same files, don't remember their names 'til reminded, and if I don't have to
type a file name or part of a filename, I'm pleased.

I don't like the "Search" replacement that Microsoft provided in Win ME and
carried into Win 2K.

Does anybody know of a way short of writing a duplicate of the W9X software
to change the new "Search" scheme back to the old "Find" scheme.



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