endless login circle after swapping hardware

endless login circle after swapping hardware

Post by teeja » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 06:04:07

Hello everybody

i had to move a windows 2000 server installation to a different hardware.
Until now it was installed on an HP Netserver mit integrated RAID Contoller.
The installation was placed in C:\WINNT on the SCSI drives which were
configured in RAID 5

In the future it should run on a DELL 2650 with integrated RAID - also on
SCSI drives in RAID 5 in the C:\WINNT directory.

I did the switch over in the following manner to keep it simple and to avoid

1.) Pluugin a PCI IDE Controller into the "old" server and connected an IDE
drive to it

2.) Starting the server an installing the PCI IDE controller driver

3.) installation of a parallel system ontto the hardware of the "old" server

4.) copied all the data from the SCSI drives to the IDE drive -> offline
copy of the server installation

5.) modified boot.ini and changed contoller order in BIOS -> 1st IDE / 2nd
HP NetRaid

6.) started the "old" server using only the ide drive. worked fine !

7.) plugging the PCI IDE controller and the IDE drive into the new server

8.) changed contoller order in BIOS -> 1st IDE / 2nd Dell RAID

9.) starting the server from the IDE drive on the NEW hardware

- the server starts ! NO 0x0000007b blue screen

- probably a few devices or services dont start because the according
hardware isnt present anymore. no problem. I expected that.

BUT the problem is:

The logon screen appears and i can fill in username and password (local

When I press "Enter" the logon screen disappears an the server states
"userdefined settings are loaded" - just like anyone would expect...

SUDDENLY the logon screen reappears and I have to logon again !

So I could proceed for hours and hours...

-> I cant logon. So I cant install any drivers for th new hardware.

-> I cant acces the server from the network because the new network card
isnt installed yet

Does anyone know the reason ? And does anyone know what to do ?

thanks in advance...

Th. Jalas