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I am working with SNMP, and I am trying to add MIB's to
native SNMP.

I am using perf2mib.exe to create news files, and
MIBCC.EXE to compile the new MIB's into MIB.BIN.

My question is this,

In the perf2mib.exe command line
where: perf2mib.exe perfmib.mib perfmib.ini processor 1 CPU

I understand that perf2mib.exe is creating the files
perfmib.mib, and perfmib.ini. But I am not sure as how the
specified counter that you want to add to the file is
How is it defined?
Can you use any name?
Can you use any number, integer or decimal?
Does anyone know exactly how this is done???


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Compaq System Information Agent: Compaq Health: The
frequency of memory
errors is high enough such that tracking of correctable
memory errors has
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[SNMP TRAP: 6016 in CPQHLTH.MIB].....I also noticed that
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to 30 seconds
The Collect Procedure for the "Spooler" service in DLL
"C:\WINNT\System32\winspool.drv" generated an  exception
or returned an
invalid status. Performance data returned by  counter DLL
will be not be
returned in Perf Data Block. Exception or  status code
returned is data
DWORD 0.og

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