help requested: lost drive/partition - ntfs to 'raw'?

help requested: lost drive/partition - ntfs to 'raw'?

Post by M » Sun, 13 Oct 2002 01:23:02

I have a maxtor 160gb drive that I was using to store and back up files.
Last week my computer crashed (hardware) and I moved my primary drive and
backup drive (160gb) to another computer while I fix my primary system.
After a few days the backup drive started acting funny, and blocking access
to certain folders(it wasnt the typical "you dont have permission" it was
"..the folder is moved or gone.." - i don't remember exactly.

I rebooted my system and when it came up the D: drive was gone. The drive
letter was there, but it said I needed to format it to gain access. I did a
chkdsk d: and it said, "chkdsk cannot check RAW partitions". I tried some
(most) data recovery software to get anything back, but it was slim-

I had about 110 gb's of data that I cannot replace, so I am a little
deparate to do what I can to get some/all of the data back.

here is what I have tried, and I would appreciate any further help.

- CHKDSK: (message: "cannot check Raw partitions")

- Partition Magic/"Check for errors": (no errors)

- Maxtor Powermax/Advanced Disk Checker: (drive in perfect condition)

- Getdataback Software: recovered about a 100mb of files

- Disk Commander: could not recover anything

- EasyRecovery: (not finshed yet..)

- I tried putting 160gb on a promise ultra133 ide card, and SIIG Ultra 66
card (no results)

-- if there are any other utilities, or if there is something else I should
try -- please let me know.

Thank You, Mike

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