Loose connection every 20-30 minutes

Loose connection every 20-30 minutes

Post by DeK.. » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 23:37:16

Win 2000 server  Not a domain
problem on Win2000 client  
Network is workgroup

Drives are persistently mapped at client not logon script
just in case I map with persistent yes in startup batch file
no affect

All other clients stay connected
I wrote a simple repeating 5 minutes bat that appends date and time to
text file until it looses connection.

Power monitoring is disabled in CMOS
Power saving disabled in control panel  (display/advanced/settings)
No screen savers

Changed NIC card.  Same problem.
Changed Hub port/ heck even changed hub
   same thing

Brought home same thing on my network
        Added Netbeui; FIXED IT AT HOME!
returned to site  same problem.

network connection fails after 20 -  30 minutes
User activity has no impact.

can't reestablish connection with out reboot
Disable and enable net connection has no affect

Reboot and your good to go for another 20-30 minutes



Loose connection every 20-30 minutes

Post by DeK.. » Sat, 15 Feb 2003 22:36:15

Follow up

Reset Life of connection
Made connection static
Modified Regedit on Server  AutoDisconnect
Added NetBeui to server

One of the last two did the trick


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