"Dell Inspiron w/ Win2K won't "Eject""

"Dell Inspiron w/ Win2K won't "Eject""

Post by RJ » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 06:35:28

"Preparing to Standby in order to complete eject..."  

Thanks for the tip on removing the Adaptec cd burning plug-in from
Windows Media Player.  That allows me to eject.  However, when i plug
the laptop back into the docking station, it does not see the network
connection unless i do a complete shutdown.  Any ideas on
troubleshooting that?  It takes a long time to boot into windows 2000,
but once in, it is great.


1. Dell Inspiron w/ Win2K won't "Eject"


Has anyone encountered a problem like this...

I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 running Windows 2000 sp2.

I recently got a Dell port replicator.  Everything works fine with the
replicator, it's recognized, the builtin network adapter works, etc.

The only problem I encounter is: I can't use Windows eject feature.  When I
select Eject PC off of the Start menu, the system just sits at the
"Preparing to Standby to complete the Ejection" (or something to that

I have to shutdown in order to remove the system.

Any ideas?



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