Can't seem to re-direct folders or get login script to run

Can't seem to re-direct folders or get login script to run

Post by Bob Lam » Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:21:14

Has anyone else had problems implementing "roaming profiles" from 2000
server to 2000 Pro using Global Policies?

We have 2 Win2000 servers setup.  The primary was an NT 4.0 SP6 PDC that
upgraded nicely, the other was Win2000 File & Print only that upgraded to
Active Directory fine and the domain is now in Native mode.  All of the
affected client workstations are running Win2000 Pro SP1.

We want to use folder redirection to allow the users to roam but avoid the
old NT issue of waiting 10 minutes for downloading the MyDocuments back down
as part of the user profiles.

I have followed Mark Minasi's guides and tried to set up Group Policies
against a Global Security group that consist of what will be AutoCad users
and also tried creating an Organizational unit that includes these users
with a login script and the folders re-directed.  Neither method seems to
have any effect (no files copied up, no files changed if I copy the files up
and modify them and the login script never runs (I turned on the policy to
have them show and they should map some new drives but no such luck).

Any thoughts and advice would be welcome.

Bob Lamb


1. logon script doesn't seem to run *.vbs

We are running w2k AD with win9x and w2k clients. We have a logon script for
mapping the network resources. We would like to setup proxy web client
automatically so that we add two *.vbs file into the logon script, one for
w2k clients and another for win9x (see below). The w2kproxy.vbs works fine.
When win9x process 9xproxy.vbs, it shows c:\>wscript
\\server\netlogon\9xproxy.vbs (for the viewing, I added pause after it) but
it doesn't change the settings and no errors. However, after logon, if I run
wscript \\server\netlogon\9xproxy.vbs on command line, the settings is
modified accordingly. Any suggestions?

IF "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" goto NT_OS
goto WIN_95

net use h: /home /persistent:no
wscript \\server\netlogon\w2kproxy.vbs
goto END

net use h: /home
wscript \\server\netlogon\9xproxy.vbs
goto END


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