Restoring network connections

Restoring network connections

Post by Bill Keele » Sun, 24 Jun 2001 06:03:41

I just upgraded from Win98 SE to 2K. When I log on, I have to supply my
Windows password, then when trying to map some network drives, I have to
type that password again. Is there any way to avoid that? In Win 98 there's
a quick logon alterative, and you never have to retype the password
(assuming that your Windows pwd is the same as that required for mapped
drives on your peer network).

Also, I don't always have all of my machines on, so when a mapped drive
can't be found I am prompted as to whether I want to keep restoring
connections or not. Is there a way to supress such prompting?

The other machines on my network are Win 98, and Linux (running Samba).




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On the same computer, if I boot into Win 98,  I enter a password to restore
network connections, but if I boot into Win 2000, I am not asked to supply a
password and it takes quite some time to restore the drive connections.

The last drive letter is a CD-ROM drive. It does not matter if there is
(not) a CD-ROM in the drive.
How can I speed this up?

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