Add/Remove Programs Not Working

Add/Remove Programs Not Working

Post by Jim Clar » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 03:36:57

After installing Norton Internet Security I found that
none of the settings would work.  When I choose to Scan
the window that is supposed to display the various scan
options was empty.

When I attempted to remove the program using Control Panel
Add/Remove Program the window opened with no programs
listed - just a blank box.  And the Close button at the
bottom right was labeled Cl&ose and had no effect.

Internet Explorer v6 has also taken on strange behavior at
the same time.  When I access the Microsoft knowledge base
the opening screen asks for information.  When I click the
drop down menu arrow the menu opens an empty box.  No
choices given.  This same thing happens randomly on other
web pages as well.

Any ideas where to start??  I found one article in the
knowledge base that is similar to the Add/Remove Programs
issue and have not yet tried the recommendations offered
there.  Any other ideas or suggestions are greatly


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I recently set up a Windows 2000 AS Machine.  It seems that Add/Remove
Programs does not work.  When I click on Add/Remove Programs, I get an
hourglass pointer, then it disappears and nothing happens.  I have tried
copying a working copy of the Add/Remove Programs applet from another AS
machine to the "bad" one, but that didn't work?  Does anyone have any ideas
as to how to fix this?

Max DiOrio

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