ODBC Manager in W2K Pro

ODBC Manager in W2K Pro

Post by Paul McCab » Sat, 07 Apr 2001 23:10:46

Sorry for the fundamental nature of my question...

What is the correlation between the ODBC Manager in W2k Pro and ODBC.INI? If I
enter connection details directly into the INI, do the same connections still
have to be setup in the Manager? Why?

Putting this in context; I have an application that interfaces an Ingres
database. I have installed the necessary ODBC driver from Ingres's site, and the
INI file contains the necessary entries, but I have not yet configured any
connections in the Manager. My application still prompts that it has connected to
the database. I have no userid and password yet, so cannot check the connectivity

Thanks for your help,



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I'd like to manage my NT4.0 PDC from the mmc on my w2kPro machine - where
can I find snap-ins equivalent to :
- User Manager for domains and
- Server Manager (can of course use computer management snap-in but this
will be a bit cumbersome for many computers)

From the w2k viewpoint I suppose it's the NT4.0 equivalent of the w2k
"Active Directory Users and Computers" snap-in.

Thanks in advance!

Rob W

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