DLL's shows icon's in Windows Explorer

DLL's shows icon's in Windows Explorer

Post by Martin Holt Juliusse » Sat, 03 Jun 2000 04:00:00

After install and uninstall of Microangelo(I think that was the reason) the
icons showed icon's that was stored in the dll's, not the one set by
default. How to fix this back?

Martin Holt Juliussen


1. ''My Document'' icon doesn't show up.

Okay, this is gonna sound weird, but I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion 6350,
OEM type WIN 98 originally, and it didn't want to up to WIN 2000 in the
first place.  According to HP it wasn't upgradeable.

I finally hammered in WIN 2000 Pro, and am now working out some small

So, here's the deal:  The special icon for ''My Documents'' shows up on the
desktop.  However, if one goes to ''My Computer'' and then opens the
''D:\>'' drive (I've moved that folder to D:\> via TweakUI), then the ''My
Documents'' file (renamed as just ''Documents'') shows up as just another
folder with the standard folder icon.

I decided to reinstall WIN 2000 fresh, without any customizations like
moving the ''My Documents'' folder, and it appears the same way.  The
special icon appears ONLY when going in through the Desktop entry, and does
not appear in the folder list from ''My Computer''.

Quaere then:  Is this the way they all work?

I know this doesn't sound important, but, as I said, I'm working out several
small glitches related to the fact that this computer isn't supposed to be
able to run WIN 2000 in the first place.  And I'm trying to get a handle on
how the pieces that aren't quite fitting together should fit together.

So, quaere rephrased:  If you go to ''My Computer'' and from there run down
the ''My Documents'' folder (no matter what you have it set as on yours),
does WinExplorer show you the special icon or does it appear as just another
ordinary folder?

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