Upgrade 2000 from 98, other language

Upgrade 2000 from 98, other language

Post by Vork Famil » Wed, 09 Jan 2002 21:22:40

I want to upgrade my home PC from Windows 98 to Windows 2000. The upgrade
program does not want to continue because of a different language version:
98-Dutch and 2000-UK.
Does anyone know a solution for this, other than purchase the full version
of Windows 2000?



1. W2000 upgrade from 98 why wrong language error?

I am trying to upgrade a Packard Bell W98SE Machine bought
in the UK with W98SE installed with a UK purchased W2000
upgrade. The upgrade is rejected to to the original W98
version having the wrong language variant. (this is not
symply the country settings). I have checked the W2000
upgrade by starting to upgrade on another machine in our
office which works fine. Could the Packard Bell have the
wrong country version installed and how to determine what
is wrong and solve the problem?

Dean Mann

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