IOmega Buz Video Capture Device

IOmega Buz Video Capture Device

Post by Drago » Wed, 28 Aug 2002 17:13:28

Has anyone been able to make IOmega Buz Video Capture Device work on Win2K?

Thank you.


1. Capture device in use by another process (ATI video capture problem win2000 advanced server)

Using Win2000 Advanced Server, any process, including Windows Media Encoder,
that tries to use the video capture device (AtiBt829 Capture) on my ATI
All-in-winder video card fails with a message that says that the Video
capture device is already in use by another process.

I can not find another process that is using the capture device nor do I
know a way to determine process it is.

Is there a program I can run, perhaps from one of the SDK or DDKs that will
identify what process is already using this device?

Video capture, on the same system with the same video card, works fine if I
boot with win2000 Prof instead of Advanced Server.

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