Win 2000 Server and Netware 5.0 problem (can't connect to novell from workstations)

Win 2000 Server and Netware 5.0 problem (can't connect to novell from workstations)

Post by Alen » Wed, 21 Nov 2001 17:28:31

hello all

i have one problem:

but first facts:

first server is on Win 2000 Server (it has 3 NIC(network adapters))

nic1 IP
nic2 IP
nic3 IP

second server is on Novell Netware 5.0 (it has 4 NICs):


those 2 serwers are conected through optical cable (from server1 nic1 to server2 nic1

every NIC from both servers is connected to switch (so i have 7 NICs and i
also have 7 switches).

pinging works well from everywhere (it doesnt matter on which switch is
connected workstation (but must have correct IP), so if one workstation is
connected to switch wich is connected to nic2 on Server1, it has IP

problem is that i can't connect to novell server (server2) from all
computers which have IP adresses and (those
computers are connected via switches to Server1 (Win2000 Server).

all workstations are Win98 based, all have installed MS Client for Netware
(properly configured (server name is entered)), or Novell Client is
installed on some workstations, but i can't connect to novell server (so i
can't map drives form novell server), but pinging works well from all
computers (routing is ok).

please help me



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Anyone got any suggestions?

Sandy Mackinnon
University of Southampton, UK

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