Two networks, internet, modems evrything in one problem

Two networks, internet, modems evrything in one problem

Post by Daniel Lipnja » Thu, 15 Jun 2000 04:00:00


Can somebody recommend me the painless solution for these...

I have small network with lease line connection on Internet. In these
network is my internet server, and clients are going "out" via NAT ... works
fine.... Win 2000 Advanced server. I have free modem for dial-in.

I have another small network with NAT connection to internet via normal
dial-up fine.... also Win 2000 Advanced server

Now I would like to dial my first network instead of my ISP to connect
second network on Internet...

How ? ... Please

Thanks for your kindly answer



1. DHCP - one server, two nics, one physical network, two networks, two scopes

Ok.. I've read about 200 posts on this subject but have not been ableto find
what I'm looking at.  Here's the situation.  I have 2 networkson the same
wire.. 192.168.2.x and 192.168.22.x and I run all WIN2KSP3 servers.  I have
one DHCP server dishing out the addresses to the.2 network.  I've added a
second card to the DHCP server and assignedit a IP addr from the .22
network.  I then binded the DHCP to bothnetwork cards.  I created a second
scope, (this first one dishes outaddresses on the .2 network to the clients)
with part of the .22network and then excluded all of the addresses in the
scope (I didthis to ensure I wouldn't shell out any addresses from the .22
networkto the clients). I set up my firewall device to route traffic between
the 2 networks(which works fine). And if I assign myself a .22 or a .2 addr,
I can'tping both interfaces on my DHCP server with no problems.  Now what
Iwould do normally is setup bootp forwarding/DHCP helper on my router..BUT..
my firewall device doesn't support it (it's not a true router). I didn't
think I would need to either.  Here's my logic. Since I have the DHCP server
bound to both interfaces it will listenfor DHCP requests  on both
interfaces.. (like DNS does) then my planwas to set up reservations in the
.22 network scope, and that be theonly way to get a .22 address.  The
problem is that it just doesn'twork.  I create the reservation.. (checked
the MAC about 40times),readjusted the exclusions on the .22 network.. delete
leases..restarted servers and clients, banged my head on the keyboard a
coupleof times.. but for the life of me.. it will only give me an
addressfrom the .2 network.. in other words.. HEEEELLLPP MEEEE!!(please).
Just a couple of things.  I can't put up another win2k box and do adhcp
relay.  I don't have the budget for a new server nor for arouter, and I'm
not going to place a dedicated service on a desktop(it wouldn't be good if
it crapped out and ppl asked why I would dosuch a dumb thing)  I was
thinking maybe I could trick it into lettingme do the dhcp relay on the same
box as the dhcp server.. but Icouldn't get that to work.. once again..
PLEASE HELP. Thanks for reading my short novella based on my saga.."MAKE IT
WORKWITH NO MONEY".  Any help would be greatly appreciated.. btw I have
noproblem RTM'ing.. just point me to the right one and go merrily on
myway -Serafim

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