CSC Notifications Window - Windows 2000

CSC Notifications Window - Windows 2000

Post by Tom » Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Not sure if this is a Windows problem or a McAfee problem.  After logging
in, I get a McAfee Banner window (McAfee logo).  It displays as just a grey
rectangle and sits there, and sits there, and sits there.  What I usually do
is logoff and then log back in.  When I logoff I get the message CSC
Notifications Windows is running - End Now?  I click the End Now button and
wait for a few minutes and hope that the Windows (rectangle) does not popup
again, otherwise I repeat the process.  Any ideas?

1. Windows 2000 Setup (CSC Notification Window)

I am trying to setup a new computer with Windows 2000.

After formatting the hard drive and installing the OS;
when I try to shutdown a program named 'CSC Notification
Window' does not respond and I have to shut it down

When W2K then goes into shutdown, it locks up with a blue
screen displayed.  I have to unplug the computer to get it
to shutdown.

Anyone have any ideas?

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