Network Adapters not showing in Network Properties

Network Adapters not showing in Network Properties

Post by Jaso » Sun, 25 Aug 2002 05:01:27

I can see my network adapters in device manager, but they
have a yellow ! next to them with a "code 1" error.  I
install new drivers, but the yellow ! remains.  I try to
uninstall the adapter, but I get the following error:

"Failed to uninstall the device.  The device may be
required to boot up the computer."

The device is removed from the list and is found on new
scan for hardware, but never shows up in Network and Dial-
up Connections.  When the device is found, the yellow !

This occurred on a laptop with a built-in NIC.  I have
been using it for about 6 weeks without issue.  I
uninstalled my VPN software to cause the implosion.

Any ideas on how to get my adapter back?



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I got a new Asus CUBX motherboard and installed it. All my devices were
redetected and now my network card shows up as linksys EtherFast Fast
Ethernet Adapter #2. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it
still says #2. Also whenever I try to set it up on the IP address it says
that the original network adapter is still present but just hidden. I can't
find it anywhere even though I looked at the hidden devices in the device
manager. I just tried a few more times and now the linksys adapter has #5
behind it. Arrgh. Help me please. I can't use my network at all. Also there
is a Microsoft PS/2 mouse that shows up in device manager with an
exclamation point on it. I have a USB Logitech mouse and everytime I
uninstall the Microsoft it is redected upon startup. Please help

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