home folder does not map at logon

home folder does not map at logon

Post by Tommy Doa » Sat, 22 Dec 2001 07:27:37

We have historically always mapped our domain users' home directories using
login scripts (kixtart). We have recently begun creating new user accounts
with the home folders mapped via the profile, (however we do not do roaming
profiles; this is home folder connect to). We've had success with our W2k
clients, but I realized today that all of our W9x clients are not mapping
home drives. I have personally verified that their computer configurations
are correct for our domain and DNS, so this is not the problem. I have also
noticed that they are able to successfully map to their home directories
manually after login.

Is this a known incompatibility or is there something I can do to resolve
this problem? So far my only work around has been to create persistent drive
mappings for each client.


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My office has a 2000 server domain controller and a 2000
member server. The home folders for the users is located
on the member server. When users who have 2000 Pro
workstations login they are able to map to their home
folder (ie \\servername\users\username) but when users who
have NT 4 workstation login, the home foler gets mapped to
the parent folder for the user (ie \\servername\users) and
not the actual users home folder. Anyone have any
suggestions? I've been tearing my hair out with this one
and any recommendations would be most appreciated.

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