SMTPSVC service not started or could not be opened.

SMTPSVC service not started or could not be opened.

Post by Richard Rhoom » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:19:42


I have been running DCDIAG on both of my DC's and one
server says "Could not open SMTPSVC service on [server
1]:failed with 1060: Win32 Error 1060". And on the second
server the message reads "SMTPSVC Service is stopped on
[server2]". Will this affect my AD in anyway? One more
qeustion if possible? On the Second server it says that
there are errors in SYSVOL, is there anyway on how to
check it for errors?
Thanks in advance.
Richard Rhooms


1. PXE MTFTP Service does not start if Terminal Service is not installed

I have a question regarding Windows 2000 Terminal Services. I did not install
Terminal Service during installation, and after reboot I installed Intel's PXE
PDK, a utility to remote boot diskless clients. this utility has two services
installed, called Intel PXE Service and Intel PXE MTFTP Service (similar to TFTP
Service, the only difference is that it does multicast, hence the name MTFTP).
Upon reboot, only PXE Service started, whereas PXE MTFTP service was forced to
stop by some unknown source.
When I installed Terminal Service, PXE MTFTP Service was started successfully,
even after rebooting for 10 times. What could make this happen?
The error found in Event Viewer was :

Error: PXEServices

The description for Event ID(1) in source (PXE Services) cannot be found. The
local computer may not have the necessary registry or message DLL files to
display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the
event :-
PXEMTFTP: Unable to bind to socket on multicast port 57094, Error = 0x2740.

Please help as I could not find a technical explanation to this. Thanks a lot.

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