Once log off, can not log off, shut down, or restart

Once log off, can not log off, shut down, or restart

Post by winglessligh » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 07:19:03

Once I log off and log on again, it will not log off, shut down, or restart.
It shows the selection but clicking it has effect of nothing.
Nothing happens.
Any idea?
Thank you very much.

1. Log Off... and Log Off Default in Windows Log On

I have two users in my Windows Log On. One is Log Off... without a name and
the other is Log Off Default.

When my computer boots it defaults to Log Off... so I am unable to use the
Save Password function. I have to Log Off the first and then the Log Off
Default appears and my Save Password functions return.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Client for MS Network and
deleting Default.pwl.

Is there a way to delete that first Log Off... so Log Off Default will be
the only choice?



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