Can't Find Network Printers thru VPN Connection

Can't Find Network Printers thru VPN Connection

Post by Davi » Wed, 13 Nov 2002 06:48:56

When connected to our LAN, users can Search > For Printers by looking in
either the Entire Directory or the domain; all printers are listed. When
connected thru VPN, no printers are found by looking in either Entire
Directory or the domain. But VPN users can browse My Network Places to a
network printer and connect to it just fine. Why can't the Add Printer
wizard or Search find network printers thru a VPN connection?
Thank you,

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Quick question about configuring a VPN server - when I get to "Specify the
Internet connection that this server uses" I have two choices:
1. <No Internet Connection>
2. Local Area Conection
When I choose the second the wizard tells me "You have chosen the last
available connection as the internet connection.  A VPN server requires that
one connection be used as the private network connection.". In the Windows
2000 Advanced Server Help under the topic "Common Configuration for the VPN
Server" it says:
WAN adapter that is used to connect to the Internet are installed according
to the >adapter manufacturer's instructions. Once drivers are installed and
functioning, both adapters appeared as local area connections in the Network
and Dial-up >Connections folder.
Does this mean I have to install another NIC? If so, how do I configure it?
The NIC I have installed interfaces with my 3Com OfficeConnect Remote 812
ADSL Router out to the Internet ...

Any help gratefully received.

Thank you.


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