big problem! "active directory " can't work?

big problem! "active directory " can't work?

Post by sieme » Sat, 15 Dec 2001 17:50:08

I can't work with  "active directory users and computers"
in my server(the only domain controller in my lan),it
seemed as the domain controller can't connect to the local
domain(my lan is "xbg.local").When i try to connect the
domain "xbg.local" manually,it comes out the message,
something like "window can not connect to the new domain,
because these is no available credential in the security
Now I can't manage the user account, clients still can
login into domain but can't use any network resource.
In events viewer, some messages:
event id:1473 (in directory device)
event source: NTDS intersite
event Description: (something like:)there are problems
when receiving data from LDAP server,please check the LDAP
event id:4001 (in DNS server)
event Description: Can't open xbg.local in Active Diretory.

How these happened: When I deleted some user accounts
in  "active directory users and computers", the server
restarted (because of power) and it happened.

I have used the ad tool "ntdsutil" to repair the active
directoy, but it didn't work.
I also reinstalled win2000 server OS on the server(Update
installing), nor it work.

What should I do? I can't just format the disk and
reinstall a new OS, because the server also is the
Exchange server(5.5) and unfortunatly, the server hasn't
be backed up before.