no color no volume

no color no volume

Post by Kerry M. Lile » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 23:14:11

Did you notice the name of this newsgroup? xxxxxx.win2000.xxxxx  - you might
have more luck posting in another
newsgroup; sorry I have no suggestion. Wouldnt use Windows ME on a bet.

i installed windowsME  and i cant get my color and volume there is no sound
color i tryed everything but nothing worked i hope u can answer my quastion
soon as you can  thank you bye bye


1. Help with 2000 Professional UPC's and Part Nos.


I will be building my next computer shortly and attempted to access
Microsoft's site to research UPC & Mfg. Part No. data, as well as
product feature differences for Windows 200, the OS we will be
installing.  I don't know if it was because I use a Netscape browser
(that would be SO Microsoft to detect which browser I am using) but I
could not get more than a couple of the pages to load -- indeed the
browser crashed numerous times.

May I explain what I am looking for generally and, perhaps, someone
could provide a link to ONE Microsoft site that has product features
*AND PART NOS.* for this OS assembled on one page.  I'll make myself a
gin and tonic and launch IExplorer -- on my (Pentium 100) 56k
connection, a browser that moves at g.l.a.c.i.a.l speed, or I would
reattempt the Microsoft search on it myself.

What I'm looking for is not only the Microsoft Part No., but also the
*descriptive* designation for the following OS:
Full, Heavy, Retail Shrinkwrapped Box
Specifically I am looking for whichever UPC codes relate to the full
2000 versions that come WITH ALL THE MANUALS -- in other words, the
full monty.  Not an OEM.  Not an upgrade.  Not cheap "online
documentation."  The one with all the physical books; all the CD's;
and an install that will be laid on a brand new, freshly-formatted
80-gig hard drive that has never seen an OS in its life.  This will
not be a network computer, it will be a standalone.

Please be specific because numerous vendor sites that I have visited
are ambiguous in their product descriptions, and more than one has
listed the SAME Microsoft part number . . . in reference to different
products at different prices!

Better yet, I'd love to avoid the interfering Microsoft site
altogether and locate an site that has all this data without the

I apologize to the group for the length of my post, but I spent 12
hours on this yesterday and went to bed with a headache having
ascertained nothing that distinguishes Microsoft's product line.
Thank you for your help, and let's leave it on the Usenet for others
who may need this kind of Pre-Sale guidance.


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