save as options

save as options

Post by Gary Feldma » Mon, 11 Nov 2002 02:43:53

On the "save as" screen (Windows 2000) -- as well
as "open" etc. -- there is a column-series of directories
listed on the left side as icons. (History, Desktop, My
Documents, etc.)  Is there a way that I can modify that
list -- add one or two others?



1. Setting power saving options for all PC's

Does anyone know how to set the power saving options so they are consistent
across all PC's and profiles in my domain ?
We use win2000 pro desktops and NT4 servers. May soon move to 2000 Domain so
could use group policies but I cannot find any settings relating to power

The problem I have is caused by the default user profile on each pc being
set to laptop, so if a new user logs on the machine goes into standby
overnight which I want to avoid.

Thanks for any help

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