Users unable to use CDRW in restricted user mode

Users unable to use CDRW in restricted user mode

Post by chiok » Thu, 14 Nov 2002 03:46:41

In my network I have all of our new users on Win2k setup
as restricted users as a security measure.  However,
because users are in this mode they are not able to fully
write to media in their cdrw drive. How can I make the
user's power users for a particular device and still have
them as restricted users?

1. restricting power user access to snap-ins

It looks like when we roll out win2k pro to our desktop users, we'll be
adding them to the Power Users group. I would like to restrict access to
more of the mmc snap-ins. For example, when I'm logged in as a Power
User, I cannot access disk management. How can I also prevent access to
Local Users & Groups, and others of my choosing? It doesn't appear to be
a file rights issue since all .msc seem to have the same. thanks.

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