RemoteAccess error w/ interface Internal / Event ID 20106

RemoteAccess error w/ interface Internal / Event ID 20106

Post by Sean Raymon » Sun, 30 Sep 2001 00:40:16

It seems like most times that I set up routing within
Routing and Remote Access, my internal interface is
disabled, and an event is created along the lines
of "unable to add x..  an incorrect parameter..." and an
ID 20106 is created.  Other times it does not appear at
all and internal is enabled in RRAS.  I haven't had much
luck in the kbs and can't quite figure out what I do
differently, any suggestions?  Thanks!

1. RRAS internal interface non-operational, event 20106

Hello together,

big problem with RRAS (configured as network router) and
the internal interface (Routing/General) shown as non-operational.

Event ID: 20106

"Unable to add the interface Internal with the Router Manager for the IP
protocol. The following error occurred: The parameter is incorrect."

Data: 57 hex
I tried all like MS KB, new interface drivers, reinstall the advanced
server completely, searching in the registry, but no success.

The only thing we didn't try is using another adapter cards (it's
3COM 3C905C-TX)

Does anybody ever had the same symptom and found a solution?

Thank you with regards

(from Germany)

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