Lanman Workstation Service Missing

Lanman Workstation Service Missing

Post by Gary Angu » Wed, 26 Sep 2001 02:19:06

I have just installed Win 2000 Server.  It will only be running SQL
Server 2000.  Lanman Workstation service is not installed and is
needed by Backup Exec Software.  What do I need to install in order to
get Lanman Workstation service up and running?  I looked in the
registry and it is not there, Lanman Server is.

Gary Angus


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We have a client which installed Win2k advance server on a
IBM Netfinity - and now the server, workstation and
messager services are no where on the system.  

The system is a member server with sp2, security updates
and IE6. Is there a way to configure during a install to
block your networking service or maybe a bios update is

Thanks for any help,

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