NAT, IP Routing, Internal Interface "Not Available" ?

NAT, IP Routing, Internal Interface "Not Available" ?

Post by Ivan So » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 22:52:48

It usually reads like that. I do not have your previous thread, but I doubt
if this affects the routing between your "OUT" and "IN" interface. Depending
on what exactly it is you'd like to achieve, it might be necessary to
configure other settings.


Quote:> If you reading this Thank You, and here it is

> System Setup..
> Cable Modem (Public IP's 24.XXX.XXX.33&55 Same Subnet) to
> #1 2000Advanced Server SP2 Running: NAT "1 public IP
> pointing #2 Server, IIS, DNS, Terminal Services, Software
> Firewall Allowing Port: 25 SMTP, 80 HTTP connected to a
> hub (Internal)

> .from the hub #2 2000 Advanced Server
> Running Exchange 2000, IIS, DNS, DHCP, Terminal Services

> Problem. See attachment or below
> In the Routing and Remote Access MMC
> [Tree> SERVER(LOCAL)\IP Routing\General[Detail Pane]]
> Interface:             Internal
> TYPE:                  Internal
> IP_ADDRESS:            Not Available
> OPERATIONAL STATUS:    Non-operational
> FILTERS:               Disabled

> I can not find any info on why this reads this way but it
> is causing me problems. It is not passing on my smtp
> traffic to the inside server #2 running Exchange the smtp
> traffic stops at server #1 and I think that this is the
> reason. Before I rebuilt my network this did not read this
> way and my smtp traffic passed threw fine.

> Thanks for any help