Windows Media Player -- Can the Media Library be disabled?

Windows Media Player -- Can the Media Library be disabled?

Post by Ryan Windha » Thu, 03 Jan 2002 18:05:23

Is anyone aware of a way to disable Media Player's Media
Library, or atleast put the database in the specific
user's "documents and settings" folder, rather than the
all users' "documents and settings" folder?

This has become an issue at my company because the
contents of Media Library are visable to all users.

I have tried to make the database file (and the directory
it resides in) read only, but this causes Media Player to

Thanks for your input,


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I have installed windows media player - one on a windows 98 upgrade, and
one on a win95 osr2 notebook from the same "mpfull.exe" downloaded
installation file.  Both machines are from Dell.  On the notebook windows
media player works fine, and most of the time I can get streamed media like
news, etc, but on the desktop it keeps on saying it cannot connect to the

I have tried viewing the same media stream one after another using the same
ISP, but the problem persists.  All settings are the same except for the
hardware, e.g., different modems (the desktop PC has a USR v.90) and
different size RAM.

How do I check the desktop PC's windows media player for problems?  I have
tried uninstalling, reboot, then reinstall, but the problem remains.  It
works fine watching local media like VCDs, etc, but not streamed media.
Or... it is not the software that's at fault?


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