Belkin AVR-500VA UPS questions and Win2000 shutdown problems

Belkin AVR-500VA UPS questions and Win2000 shutdown problems

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When I installed my PK Electronics 'BlackoutBuster' 500VA with
a serial port input (which is on COM2 on my computer), neither of the two
packages that PK Electronics supplied worked very well with Windows 2000.
I finally uninstalled the third party software and just used the Windows
built-in U.P.S. configuration utility since my needs are pretty simple.
Start-Settings-Control Panel-Power Options-UPS-Select-Generic-COM port 2-
-Custom-Next and then set signal polarity.
You can configure it for elapsed time and/or serial inputs

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> I just bought my first UPS: a Belkin AVR-500VA (Model F6C500) in "The
> Regular Pro Gold Series". The only choices with a USB interface at local
> stores were Belkin, Pulsar Ellipse, and *Power. At $140 I hope I
> picked the best one. I can always return it within 30 days.

> I installed the Belkin Sentry Bulldog software under Windows 2000. The
> monitor says my normal load is 50%. When I turned off the breaker, the
> system ran for about 12 minutes before hitting low battery (which the
> software appears to define as 15%).

> - I have the Low Battery action set to shut down the system at 0 seconds
> with 0 delay and 60 seconds extra time for the UPS. Well, the problem
> with the UPS is this - by the time the UPS reaches low battery and
> starts the shutdown, there is barely enough battery power left to last
> 30 seconds and finish the shutdown. What happens is about 10 seconds
> after low battery hits, Windows 2000 goes into its Shutting Down screen
> and the computer just barely shuts down before the UPS runs out of power
> and shuts itself off (it doesn't have enough power to stay on for the
> extra 60 seconds I set). I don't like cutting my shutdown this close
> because Windows shutdowns might sometimes take longer and I barely have
> 1 second to spare.

> Any suggestions? I saw no way to redefine low battery at 30% instead of
> 15%. If I could do that, it would be fine. What I did as my workaround
> is set a Power Fault action to shut down the system after 10 minutes
> since the UPS seemed to last 12 minutes normally from a full charge.

> - Can someone calculate how much current and wattage I'm using with a
> "500VA" rated UPS drawing a 50% load which lasts 12 minutes? What's the
> formula?

> - The box shows a "Surge Energy Rating" of 320 Joules, but the specs in
> the manual say "Spike Protection" is 150 Joules. Which is correct?

> - Why do most UPS's I see have very low spike/surge ratings like this
> when most passive surge protectors have ratings closer to 600-1200
> Joules? I read a message saying that a low Joule rating on a UPS is not
> a big problem - if this is true can someone briefly explain why?

> - The writing on the package about the "Automatic Voltage Regulation"
> feature made it sound like the computer is always receiving regulated
> power. Yet the monitor software indicates this only will happen when the
> voltage drops below 90V or goes above 140V. In other words, most of the
> time my voltage is not being adjusted at all?

> - In the software's Help, an I/O Current meter is shown, yet no current
> meters are selectable on my system. Is that feature only available on
> different Belkin UPS models?

> - "Advanced UPS Property" also does not show up on my menu. Are the
> enable-resume computer options only available on different models?

> - In searching the Internet the only UPS FAQ I could find was by Nick
> Christenson dated 2/26/98. It didn't even mention Belkin. Are there any
> more recent FAQs available? I visited every UPS dealer's web page and
> none of them provided the in-depth information I wanted, especially a
> list of "do's and don'ts".

> - This Belkin unit says it has lead acid batteries. I don't know
> anything about that except one brief passage in the old UPS FAQ which
> said it's a bad idea to run them dry. Of course I didn't know I'd only
> have 30 seconds from the time my system says "Low Battery" before it ran
> dry, so it was unavoidable that this happened a few times while I was
> testing it. Does the fact that it ran dry a few times (all within an
> hour's time before it could charge back up much) mean my lead acid
> battery has been significantly harmed, or is this pretty minor as long
> as I don't run it dry very often?

> - This leads to the question: what is a good amount of the battery to
> consume before shutting down? 30%? It seems the battery usage is very
> non-linear. It takes nearly 10 minutes to get below 50%, maybe 90
> seconds to get to 15% and 30 seconds to get to 0%.. When it's recharging
> it jumps up to 60% almost immediately, but it takes many hours to reach
> 100%. Is this normal behavior?

> - Finally, the Belkin software works fine under Windows 2000, but under
> "Control Panel -> Power Options -> UPS" it says I have no UPS. The UPS
> only appears under "Batteries -> HID UPS Battery" and of course in the
> system tray. Is that normal for a Belkin USB UPS?

> Sorry for so many questions, but these are pretty important issues I
> need resolved and I don't know where else to find the answers except by
> posting. (I already tried searching Deja News with little success.)
> Thanks.

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