Event ID 62 in System Event Log

Event ID 62 in System Event Log

Post by Bill Walte » Sun, 04 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I keep getting W32Time Event ID 62 errors in the system Event log for my
main server. The message indicates I need to Configure a time sync from and
external time source usinf net time /setsntp:<server name>. Two questions:

1. Where do I get a list of available time server names, and what is the
name format expected by the net time command?

2. Do I need to execute this command after every reboot or is the
information retained in the registry and restored after a reboot?


Bill Walter
Resource Optimization, Inc.


1. Event ID 62 in System Event Log

Hello Bill,
Thanks for contacting Microsoft Technical Support Online Newsgroups.

I found the following Knowledge Base article will related directly to your

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