Windows Explorer - Contents not refreshing

Windows Explorer - Contents not refreshing

Post by Pierre de Bee » Tue, 03 Sep 2002 14:12:35

 Good Day

The contents of drive A is not refreshing. When I change the disk, the
previous disk's content is still displayed. Please help.

Pierre de Beer


1. windows explorer - contents not refreshing....

I have so had it with windows and its lack of attention to basic

as of late, explorer has decided it doesn't want to refresh cd's when
i put them in.....
I have done the registry auto-notification deal (available as a simple
click under properties in previous iterations of the "os")
I have installed powerdesk which seemed to cause some anomalies and
not fix the problem
I have just installed sp3 and upgraded from ie 5.5 - 6.
Guess what ?
still no stupid refresh of the contents....if i double click on the cd
the contents will show but the previous cd moniker remains.....i can
right click and select properties / okay, then the proper cd title
will show.........

I have spent like 3-4 hours today on deja and screwing around trying
to sort this out....sure its not the end of the world but come on
microsuck, get your shit together - this kind of error should never
ever happen.....


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