Can only manage to boot in degugging mode and even then it ofter restarts itself

Can only manage to boot in degugging mode and even then it ofter restarts itself

Post by TK-42 » Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Whenever I try to bot normally I get the stop error: 0x0000001E
I manage to boot in debugging mode and everything works fine for a
while but eventually it will spontaneously reboot itself.  Any

1. Win98 reboots itself at startup (even in Safe Mode!)

I have an old Windows 98 machine that recently started rebooting itself
right at the end of a boot cycle, even in safe mode.  I mean it appears this
machine is done booting, then WHAM-O, it reboots itself.  Again, even in
safe mode.

I have tried re-installing 98 on top of itself, I have tried deleting the
swap file and allowing Windows to create another, I have tried scanreg,
replacing all hardware (except the mobo and proc, of course), all to no

I am about to do a clean install of 98 to see if this alleviates the
problem, but really don't want to do this if it is avoidable, as the machine
is old (duh) and has a lot of software I wouldn't even begin to know where
to find again.  It's a P-II 400MHz with 64M RAM, so it is not an XP upgrade
candidate (at least not in my mind).

Any help would be appreciated.

qnman at yahoo dot-com

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