RIS setup and DHCP server

RIS setup and DHCP server

Post by Mike » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 00:00:38


I'm about to have a go at setting up RIS. I got it to work in the lab fine.
In this environment though my DHCP server, although on the same subnet is
not in the AD domain. It is in a workgroup. Does this matter?




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*DHCP Server is a stand-alone box, not in AD.
*RIS Server is authorized in Active directory with the
following services running:
*RIS Server does also have DHCP Service running but scope
is not configured.

When I boot a PXE client, it stays a while looking for
the DHCP address and times out with this error: "PXE:E53
No boot file name received"

I checked into the DHCP server and the address is not

But, if I run DHCP and RIS on the same server, it works
just fine.

I even tried connecting these computers through hub to
minimize the possibility of any other network
configuration error.

Does anybody know what I may need to do?


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