Backup only 235 mb instead of 650 mb

Backup only 235 mb instead of 650 mb

Post by biffysi » Sat, 20 Jul 2002 10:44:27

It's strange.  I am using the windows 2000 backup
procedure and set it for 11:00 pm. It only backups 235
mb.  When I backup right away I can get 650 mb which is
the full size.  My steps are backup wizard, select
files,advanced,daily<< is there any difference if I select
normal or copy in terms of mb backed up?



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Is there a software that will alow me to back my harddrives up in 650 MB
blocks so I could then burn them onto CD? Unfortunately, my CD-burner
doesn't allow me to burn the backup directly on to it.

I know that CP backup used to be able to do that (20 years ago), but what
about Win2000 backup-software?

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