access denied

access denied

Post by Anonymou » Wed, 19 Apr 2000 04:00:00


I am having a little trouble with my win 2000 system. i recently removed a
virus (pretty park.exe) that i somehow got on my computer. after removing
that, i started getting an annoying error message whenever i tried using
control panel. the control panel window opens up but whenever i click on
any of the icons it tells me "access to the specific device, path, or file
is denied" with Control Panel in the window header.

 Same thing happens when i try right clicking on the desktop and clicking
properties (to adjust the display settings). Same thing also when i try to
configure my start menu by rightclicking the taskbar, properties, then
Advanced... except this time in the window header it says explorer.exe...

this is starting to really disappoint me. Ive tried a installation over the
current one but it didnt solve the problem...

any ideas?

maybe someone tapped into my computer using NetBUs?


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