Cant print to lpt 2 due to rawport

Cant print to lpt 2 due to rawport

Post by keit » Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:21:47

I install a new physical lpt port and windows 2k decides
to intall Rawport when I restart my PC. But this stops me
printing to my new port. Ive tried almost everything.

Can anyone help?


1. TCP/IP printing VS LPT printing


When I print to a local shared printer at my server
(Lexmark at the LPT1 port shared) it prints correct.
(small fonts)

When I change that printer to use TCP/IP printing (Lexmark
connected trough the network shared) it prints, but not in
the way I want.
(larger fonts)

What is the difference between this two? It looks like one
time it use the local spooler and another time use the
spooler at the server.



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