moving CAL's to another computer

moving CAL's to another computer

Post by Kevi » Wed, 15 May 2002 06:15:53

is there a way to move CAL's without downing the licensing

1. server cal's vs 2000pro cal's

We are putting together a new platform for out mrp software and clients.
Currently the clients access the server through nt4 server seats. Our MRP
provider tells me that with the mrp upgrade all clients must PII 400 or
I can install win2000 server and use terminal services on my existing win95
clients or use terminal services and upgrade the clients to win2000pro.
I can buy the server CAL's for $30.00 ea. or the 2000pro open lic. for
$121.00 ea. Can someone tell me why I should buy the more expensive pro
licenses? Am I missing something or do the server cal's offer the same
network/termserver functions as the 2000pro cal's?
Thanks for any advice you might have for running terminal services with one
application and 40 clients.
 Doug McDowell

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