2 NICs and 2 Web access

2 NICs and 2 Web access

Post by Marco Sampai » Tue, 19 Dec 2000 06:33:32

- 2 NICs 3Com 10/100
- 1 access to web by LAN (based windows NT)using router CISCO 2503 (named as
access 1)which functions as a line to work
- 1 access to web by modem cable (named as access 2)
- Both access use the same destination mask but different gateways

Can anybody help me?
Every time I am using one access and want to use the other one, I always have to
disable the first and enable the second and vice-versa. Does anybody know if I
can use both at the same time? If so, could you please help me and tell me how to
do it?
Thank you for your time.

Marco Sampaio


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Any help would be appreciated.


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