long user logon time to windows 2K server from XP pro

long user logon time to windows 2K server from XP pro

Post by Joe V » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 01:06:56

After creating a domain user on Window 2000 server and
loging in from a client computer running Windows XP pro,
it takes a few minutes sometimes a much as 5-8 minutes to
fully login onto the domain. Most of the time is spent on
applying user settings. I have other client computers
running Windows 2000 pro that login instantaneously to the

What can be done to speed up the login time?



1. Windows 2k pro takes a long time to start

Hello friends!

I hope someone could help me with this problem:

Ive updated a machine running w98 to w2k pro, but now
this machine its taking a long time to start (about 7
minutes). It stops in the "starting network.." screen
during the most of time.

When you unplug the network, the boot is normal, what make
me think might be someone with the authentication.

We got a machine running 2k server, where all machines

My question is: Is there any kind of setup that I should
do to solve this problem?

Thank you very much!



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