List Serv

List Serv

Post by Chris Morelan » Wed, 25 Jul 2001 03:29:33

Is there a good replacement for a list serv that i could easily set on w2k?

1. Log off Term Serv connection VS Close Term Serv Connection

Hi ,
    I have a colleague you has been told that problems are caused by logging
off  a Term Serv with Active Directory on it.
He persists in closing Term Services and not logging off and therefore not
allowing anyone else into the server due to the 2 connections max.

This happened today and I saw  his PC had "Closed" connections twice ( so I
couldn't get in) ...

Is there anything from MSFT to substantiate this Issue?

At the moment , I have set Session to be reset after one hour of

Thanks in advance for any pointers...


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