Am I admin or am I not Admin, that is the question.

Am I admin or am I not Admin, that is the question.

Post by Andrew Buttigie » Tue, 24 Oct 2000 04:00:00

  Interesting anominaly.

  I am a member of the Domain Admins. The Domain Admins group is a local
member of the Administrators group of my laptop. In the Fax Service
Management console no devices appear for devices. Fax printer does exist.
  When I put my account directly into the Administrators group and log off
and log back on the device is present in the Fax Service Management console.
  I have the same type of problem with McAfee, I though I am in Domain Admin
it does not let me manage it unless my account is directly in the
Administrators group.

Has any one else seen this? Is this a policy setting somewhere?

- Andrew


1. Registry is unalterable, says see Admin, I AM ADMIN

I've tried to due some pretty standard things with WinXP
Home and been given a message saying, more or
less, "Changing the registry has been disabled by your
system administrator". I am the system administrator (at
least I thought so).

I only have one login, and the guest login is off. I
frequently get a message like this one

"This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in
effect on this computer. Please contact your system

I also get messages saying "Registry Editing Has Been
Disabled On This Computer. Contact Your System
Administrator" when I try to run Regedit.

I cannot run regedit (and anything I do that tries to
alter the registry) will not happen. I created a "test"
account for my system and none of these issues were
present there. I also ran Norton anti-virus and found no
viruses.  Ditto for Spyware, or other hostile programs.

I can log on as administrator with another account and I
can open regedit there.

By the way - and I don't know if this means anything -
when I hit ctrl-alt-del and check the Users tab the user
name listed is "Owner". This is not the case when I login
under the test account.

I logged on under my "test" account and just poked around
with the first HKEY entry.

There are four entries under permissions for

Administrators (DEVILBOX\Administrators)
Users (DEVILBOX\Users)

Everything is set to Allow for Full Control and Read except
CREATOR OWNER which will not let me switch from Special
Permissions. If I attempt to assign it Allow and Full
Control it just switches the settings back after a couple
of seconds. Under Advanced Options the Apply to column
shows CREATOR OWNER as Subkeys Only. It will not switch
either. Both these settings switch themselves back after a
couple of seconds.

I have looked far and wide for help on this to no avail.  
Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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