FTP Error 12163

FTP Error 12163

Post by Christin » Wed, 26 Sep 2001 20:56:42


When trying to use FTP I get a "Failed to obtain and FTP
connection to given server:  Error:12163.

I can't find any explanation for the 12163 error anywhere.

It works fine if I log in as Administrator but not as a
normal user or as a user with admin rights.

Could anyone help me?


1. FTP Error 12163


We get an error while using FTP "Failed to obtain an FTP
connection to the given server. Error 12163"

If I log onto the machine as Administrator everything
works fine but not if I log on as a normal user or as a
user that has Admin rights.

I haven't found any information about the 12163 error.

Could anyone help me?

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